game bord


This is how to play you roll the dice, lets say you got a 4 and it says you got a 4 and it says ”You get to move 5 spaces forward.” So then you do so. Then you roll the dice again and you get a 6 and on that square it says move  2  spaces backwards, than you do so.    what is the bridge for? the bridge is for when you get to skip some squares, but only if you  on that specific square. what do the gold  square do? onceyou land on the gold square a cat will pop up on your computer and it will say  something like you got caught in water or you won this or that.

Dear mrs.Larue

Dear Ike,                                                            I,m the guard fom the school.If I was you I would not lie to my  home owner.  you meant not to get go home to eat.You could go to the pound.


Sincerely the guard

baseball tourtime

My best day was when my parents woke me up and said lets go to Circle W for breakfast.I got eggs bacon sausage . But thin my mom had to go  give the money to the cashier  i was so happy that i could play in the tournament .I thought i could ‘t it play because the oil was done and my dad got lade of form work he said i would might be able to play some. But i thought i would not be able to but at that time it was  my time to shine it was in the bound of the6 inning  i was up  man on third the score was 11 to 11 two outs 2 strike   1 ball the next pitch was a ball i  looked for the sin it was a bunt the next pitch was the one to do it so I bunted to third and I made it to first . my team mate made it home but it was close it got slint the blue said  HE IN SAFE!!!!


I think it was harsh that 6 year old childen had to work in a factery to make 25 cents and they were geting there fingers cut of and the people didnt care about them so they let anther child come work for them. thin they had to pay hafe of there 25 cents for there room .